Invest in your memories.

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2019 RATES


starting at $700 for 2 hour sessions* | min. 30 photo with rights

I’ll analyze your current brand, explore what types of photos could move your business/self forward and style something unique. These sessions can be as creative or simple as you would like. Tell me your craziest dreams and we’ll try to make them happen!


starting at $500 for 2 hour sessions* | min. 30 photo with rights

We spend time getting to know how you interact with the world. What is it that really makes you shine? I recommend picking an activity you or your loved ones often to do together (ex. morning pancakes, painting, hiking or even shopping).


starting at $500 for 2 hours* | minimum 50 images

This should be purely for your own self care and acceptance—not exclusively for your partner. We’ll play your favorite music, have a drink and maybe boogie a little. Whatever it takes to get you feeling like you own, love and cherish your body. 

*Travel fees may apply. Price increases with more than 2 people. Hourly rates and long-term packages available for repeat clients.

What does “Capturing what we’re made of” look like?
Here’s a taste!