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Somewhere Else

An exploration of place, longing and acceptance through the colorful landscapes of the Painted Hills in Eastern Oregon.

VIEW: August - September 2019
Western Cider | Missoula, MT

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Norwell Album Listening Party

A group show pairing local photographers work with songs on Norwell’s debut album, 'There Is Nothing That Cannot Happen To Someone.'

VIEW: September 2018
Primal Practice Chiropractic
Missoula, MT

A Woman’s Hands

An ongoing study of how women move through space outside of the societal gaze. This collection explores the intention and power present in simple hand gestures.

VIEW: October 2018
Betty’s Divine
Missoula, MT

Often photography in the digital space subscribes to all the rules (golden, thirds, level field, etc.) which is great-but sometimes stifling. I often climb up high or crawl on the ground to get a more raw perspective. Lying underneath a dancing subject I can see their strength; what is underneath them, if you will.


Paper & Ink Studio pairs the work of eight artists with their high quality printing methods as they explore the meaning of the word “Underneath.”

VIEW: December 2018 - January 2019
Le Petit Outre
Missoula, MT